Guía del maestro
The teacher’s guide contains effective instructional strategies
and teaching techniques, including Total Physical Response,
Role-Play, Cooperative Learning, and direct instruction—all in
teacher-friendly weekly plans with flexible pacing for a variety
of classroom settings. Each of the eight units is divided into four
weeks that cover and address a variety of cultural vocabulary
and skills, including comprehension, phonics, sentence
structure, and grammar embedded in language functions.
Libro de texto
The main textbook introduces the two characters who
travel through the eight countries covered in the level.
The characters are age-appropriate for each level and travel
through Spain, Mexico, and six other Spanish-speaking
countries. Each of the eight units is divided into four weeks
of study. The five Cs are embedded in all four weeks,
but Cultures takes center stage in Week 1, Connections
in Week 2, Comparisons in Week 3, and Communities
in Week 4. All four weeks are also permeated with
Communication activities that help students access the
content vocabulary and skills presented in each unit.
Cuaderno de práctica
The workbook contains activities that practice,
review, reteach, reinforce, and maintain the unit
vocabulary, concepts, and skills of each week of
study in the student book.
Program Components