A collection of grade-appropriate literature,
the anthology is thematically correlated to
each unit of the student book. Each anthology
unit includes three readings from different
genres to accommodate the needs of students,
such as heritage speakers, who are somewhat
more advanced than beginning FLES students,
but are at three different levels of language
Based on your students’
de ubicación
results, for this week you may
assign “Una fiesta en el parque” to your
beginning readers, “Murmullos bajo la cama”
to your intermediate readers, and “Yanka,
yanka” to your advanced readers. Locate the
icon at the top of the page where
the related activities appear.
Audio CD
Ideal for oral language development and
fluency practice, this CD contains the
recording of the stories, dialogues, chants,
and songs that appear in every unit of the
student book.
For this week, you may use
Tracks 1 and 2. Locate the
Audio CD
next to selected activities within this week.
Biblioteca temática
This thematic library, a collection of leveled
readers, is ideal to help students build literacy
skills as they master the second language.
Each unit includes three thematically linked
stories, ideal for beginning, intermediate, and
more-advanced readers. For the four weeks
of this unit, you may choose to use one, two,
or all three stories at different times to read
aloud or to assign as independent and group
Cuaderno de práctica
This workbook contains activities that
practice, review, reteach, reinforce, and
maintain the unit concepts and skills of each
week of study in the student book.
For this
week, you may assign pages 5–7. Locate the
Cuaderno de práctica
icon next to selected
activities within this week.
Descubre en video
Thirty-two videos for each level constitute
a unique visual and instructional support to
students of the Spanish language. Students
get to see the same characters they see in
their student book, interacting in animated
form and allowing students to experience,
practice, review, and reinforce all the cultural
elements, concepts, and vocabulary presented
in the main program.
For this week, you may
use the video for Unit 1, Week 1.
Descubre Online
This online component provides opportunities
for students to work independently in the
practice and reinforcement of the four
language arts domains of listening, speaking,
reading, and writing. These activities are
composed primarily of informal educational
games and fun exercises that extend the
material covered in the student book.
For this week, you may use Activity 1 of
Unit 1. Locate the
Descubre Online
icon after
the Multiple Intelligences activity.