Book 1 Unit 2 Desafío 2
In this project, students will prepare a reenactment
of the Ponce de León family’s daily household
tasks using the Casa Blanca museum as their set.
Students will follow a series of small steps that,
when put together, produce a script that pushes
the level of Spanish in the class to new heights.
La Casa Blanca
Because the
is a group effort, students
need to follow the instructions closely. Students
should take into consideration each step of the
presentation one at a time.
In order to avoid making errors with false cognates
and sentence structure, advise students to refer
to the
Repaso de vocabulario
Repaso de
to check their Spanish.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Read the introduction with the class. Ask
students to identify the key elements of the
project from the instructions. Then follow
these steps:
Paso 1
Each student should do some research
individually before pooling their information with
their group.
Divide each question for analysis with the class.
Students need to decide how they will find the
information for each part.
Paso 2
Divide the class into small groups. The results
in this step depend in part on how well students
have completed
Paso 1
so the group should
evaluate their materials and decide if more
research is needed.
Teaching Suggestions
Rubric for Evaluation
Paso 1
2.1, 2.2, 3.1
Paso 2
1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 4.2
Paso 3
1.2, 1.3
Paso 4
1.1, 1.3, 3.1, 5.2
Limited relevance.
Information is
incomplete or not based
on research. Little
Spanish is used.
Inefficient use of class
time. Information is
disorganized or unclear.
Communication is
unclear. Many errors in
vocabulary and grammar.
points Basic information
is correct. Relevant
information but lacks
significance. Spanish is
used most of the time.
Class time is used well.
Information and content
are mostly organized but
lack some clarity.
Good communication.
Mostly correct
vocabulary and grammar.
Una visita guiada por
la Casa Blanca
The directors of the Casa Blanca museum want to create
a living exhibit of the Ponce de León family home.
A tour guide will lead visitors through the Casa Blanca
describing each part of the house and gardens. In each part,
visitors will meet costumed actors representing the Ponce
de León family. The actors will answer visitors’ questions
and explain what the family normally does there.
Your project involves writing the guide’s commentary
and a bank of questions and answers to prepare the actors
for their role.
Investiga sobre la Casa Blanca
Get information about this famous house. For example:
Where is the museum located?
What areas and rooms does it have?
Search for photos of the house and its surroundings.
Research clothing typical of the period so you can provide
some appropriate articles of clothing for the actors.
El explorador Juan Ponce de León.
En el jardín hay muchas fuentes.
Un dormitorio.
Interior de la Casa Blanca.