Unit Objectives
By the end of this unit, students will be able to
greet and say goodbye by imagining that
they visit México and meet children their
own age.
name family members by studying a family
tree and completing one for their own
introduce themselves to new friends by
imagining different scenarios and engaging
in a dialogue with their classmates.
describe themselves, places, people, and
things by using adjectives in conversations
and in writing.
Discuss the Big Idea
In this unit, students learn about the country
of México, and how people in the Spanish-
speaking world greet and say goodbye
to each other. Students also learn the names
for family members, how they interact
with each other and with friends, and how
places, people, and things are described.
Display a map of North America or have
students look at the map in their books.
Help them identify México and explain that
it is a country that borders the United States
to the south. Have volunteers share what
they know about México.
Point out that México is one of many
countries where Spanish is spoken. Tell
students that they will learn about seven
other Spanish-speaking countries in other
units of this book.
Explain to students that by their learning
Spanish, they will be able to speak to about
million more people in the world!
Preview the Unit
Saludos y despedidas
Point to the top image on page 10 and tell students that this is El Zócalo—the main
plaza, or square, in the downtown area of México’s capital city. Discuss the image
with students. Then have them go back to the map and point out the capital city:
México, D.F. (Mexico City). Explain that this is where the characters in the story
will meet their Mexican friends.
Big Idea
Nos conocemos
Nos conocemos
Casa rural mexicana
El Zócalo