Teacher’s “Travel Kit” has all
the tools to help prepare students
for their cultural adventures:
Teacher’s Guide with Audio Program and
Teacher Resource CD
Assessment Program
Video Program DVD (32 videos for each level)
Photo-card Kit (Hundreds of full-color flash cards)
Poster Cut-outs (A-C)
Character Cut-outs (A-C)
Language Arts Handbook
Thematic Leveled Libraries
Readers leveled by language proficiency)
Phonics Kit (Readers, games, manipulatives)
Teacher eLearning Center (Online access to Teacher
Guide, Annotated Edition of Practice Book, Assessment
System, BLMs, and online student resources)
Student “Backpack” includes
culturally-rich print and technology
resources to help students stay
on track during their adventures:
Student Book
Practice Book
Student Anthology
Student eBook
Student Anthology
Thematic Readers
Descubre Online: Online
games and activities
Supports students at
all language levels,
from beginners to
Heritage Speakers!
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