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8 - For more information call toll free: 1-800-245-8584
More than 15 printable assessments
come with an answer key, are divided by level, and
organized by chapters and by chapter sections.
Lesson Plans (print-friendly PDF).
daily lesson planning for teachers, including concepts
objectives, critical thinking skills, and specific skills.
Multimedia Activities Index (print-friendly PDF).
Users Guide for multimedia activities, lists each
chapter’s multimedia activities, including descriptions,
goals, and Student Book page references.
User Guides for Readers (1–6) (print-friendly PDF).
Online Teacher’s Guide
Contains all the strategies and tools needed
to teach a lesson and integrate technology in
each lesson. It presents the theme and skills
for each lesson, and follows an easy to apply,
three-step lesson plan:
Inicio, desarrollo y
. Additional resources like Scope and
Sequence and a Glossary provide teachers
with additional support.
The eLearning Center includes all the resources
and support teachers need to teach a lesson.
Teachers can decide whether to use them in a digital
format or to print them for offline use.