Warm-Up/ Independent Starter
Using the pictures on this page as a reference,
students should take a few moments to write
what they already know about the island.
They write down a short list of things they know
about Puerto Rico and a second list of things they
would like to learn about this Caribbean island.
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is one of the islands of the Greater
Antilles in the Caribbean. Since 1952, it is a
commonwealth, or
estado libre asociado
of the
United States. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, and
do not require visas to enter the United States. San
Juan is the capital city, and one of its most visited
attractions is the fortress called
El Morro
It was
used to defend the city from pirates and privateers.
The map of Puerto Rico provides a reference for
the information on the locations presented in this
section. Focus attention on Puerto Rico by asking
students to say what they know about this island,
its people, and its traditions. Elicit personal
experiences related to Puerto Rico and its culture.
El Viejo San Juan
Spain was the colonial power that ruled over
Puerto Rico for close to five hundred years.
The conquistadors left their mark on the
administration and architecture of the island.
The streets and buildings of Old San Juan date
back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The city
was founded in 1521 and named after John
the Baptist, or
San Juan Bautista
The colorful
buildings along cobblestone streets are one of
the characteristics that make this former
colonial town memorable to visitors and vibran
to its inhabitants.
El coquí
El coquí
is a small frog that is named after the
loud sound it makes. It is often considered
the Puerto Rican national symbol because it
is most commonly found in Puerto Rico and
the nearby islands.
The Unit
The themes of this unit are housing and
household chores. The four pairs meet
their host, Mrs. García, in San Juan, Puerto
Rico. The four pairs complete the following
tasks related to Puerto Rican culture:
Desafío 1.
Andy and Janet have to find the
most colorful house in Old San Juan.
Desafío 2.
Tim and Mack have to find six
local frogs, or
and take a photo
of them.
Desafío 3.
Diana and Rita have to solve
a riddle related to Mosquito Bay,
a bioluminescent bay.
Desafío 4.
Tess and Patricia have to find
a rare species of blind fish in the caves of
Camuy River, in the north of Puerto Rico.
Teaching Suggestions
Puerto Rico
The Challenge
Puerto Rico 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 Video
Desafíos en el Caribe
El Viejo San Juan
El coquí
Book 1 Unit 2
See a full Desafío,
pages 50–59