Picture Discussion
Use the photos to have students share any
information they have on the four topics. Some
general questions are:
What do you know about San Juan?
Have you heard of the
What do you know about bioluminescent bays?
What do you know about underground rivers?
El Viejo San Juan
Ask students what they can tell about El Viejo
San Juan based on the first photo. Are there any
features that tell us about San Juan’s colonial
El coquí
Ask the class to tell what kind of animal is in the
photo. Does it seem big or small? Is this type of
animal a likely choice to represent a tropical
island? Ask students if they know what animal
and flower are used as their state symbol.
La bahía bioluminiscente
Can students name any other bioluminescent
animals? What can students tell about this bay
from the photo? Where is it located and what
other animals could possibly live around this bay?
Las cuevas de Camuy
Ask students to comment on the features of the
caves that they can see in the photo. Has anyone
explored above
or underground caves in the
past? Can anyone explain why people may not
explore underground caves as much as those
above ground?
The overall objective of Unit 2 is for students to
learn to talk about where they live and about daily
household chores, as well as some activities
done in their leisure time.
By the end of the unit, students will be able to
Express existence
there is /are)
of people and
things as well as their location.
Talk about daily activities and household chores.
Express an obligation related to chores.
To get started, ask students how they describe
houses and other places where people live. What
are the types of words one uses to talk about
Las cuevas de Camuy
These caverns were formed by the Camuy River
that flows through them. Untouched for
centuries after the native Taino people used
them, the caverns were re-explored in the
s. This underground river and cavern
system is among the longest in the world.
Underground rivers and cave systems have
been explored less than those above ground
because of the difficulties in reaching those
areas and the dangers associated with
underground exploration. A species of blind
fish lives in the caves. If there is no light, fish
have no use for eyes as sensory organs.
La bahía bioluminiscente
Bioluminescence is the light that comes from
living creatures (from the Latin
light”). There are many animals that give off
light, such as fireflies. In a few places on Earth,
given very special conditions, one is able to
see light coming from the waters of the ocean
and bays. Microorganisms that give off light
use it as a defense mechanism. The motion
in the water from a predator triggers the light,
which in turn attracts bigger fish that eat the
smaller ones that feed on microscopic
organisms. It takes special equipment
to photograph bioluminescence.
Puerto Rico
Las cuevas
de Camuy
La bahía
Book 1 Unit 2