SANTILLANA USA - ES HS Teacher Guide Sampler Level 1 -2018

Unit structure T22 The Project The project provides an opportunity for integrating and applying knowledge. Each unit closes with a project that encourages students’ creativity and communicative capacity, while activating vocabulary and grammatical structures that students have learned. Each project develops a communicative activity that integrates cultural and linguistic information. Project. Una exposición de muñecos quitapenas ● Clothing. Characteristics, material and colors of clothing ● Shopping Vocabulary ● The verb gustar ● Demonstrative adjectives ● Comparisons ● Present tense of irregular verbs: e > ie and o > ue ). Grammar ● Indigenous traditions ● Traditional handicrafts from Guatemala. Culture Project Tasks Create a presentation about Diego Rivera. Organize a visit to the Casa Blanca Museum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico México Guatemala Arrange an exhibit of Guatemalan worry dolls. Perú Create a restaurant menu and role-play serving the “customers.” Make a poster about hygiene habits. Deliver a presentation about a distinguished Hispanic person in the United States. Estados Unidos España Argentina Create a travelogue. Chile Participate in a campaign to protect endangered animals. 22