SANTILLANA USA - ES HS Teacher Guide Sampler Level 1 -2018

Unit structure T12 Organization of the Unit: The Challenges 1. La llegada The initial pages contain three elements: A fotonovela that shows the arrival of the participants in the country. This section presents the vocabulary and the grammar of the unit in context. The story is followed by comprehension activities. A section with Expresiones útiles . A page titled ¿Quién ganará? where, students make predictions about which team will win this stage of the challenge. 3. El encuentro As a closing to the story line, the four teams meet at a culturally significant place (El encuentro) and talk about the tasks they have completed, using the structures and the vocabulary presented in the unit. At the end, students vote for the team they consider the winner. The first part of the unit tells the story of the challenges that the teams will face in each country. 2. The Desafíos On these pages, the target linguistic concepts are developed in greater detail. Each Desafío comprises 8 or 10 pages in which vocabulary, grammar, and communication are developed. After the challenges, a double-page titled Todo junto provides communicative activities that integrate the vocabulary and the structures taught throughout the unit. 12