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Page Background

Vocabular y Review


Ask students to identify the musical instrument families that were on the track

of the song. Ask

Did any of the instruments require a bow? Did any require a

musician to blow into them? Did any require a musician to use his or her fingers?

Have students name the instruments they hear during the song.

Practice Tactics

Have students open their Practice Book to page 56. Read the directions aloud

and have students read along with you. Explain the directions and model the activity.

Then, have students complete the page as independent class work or homework.

Home Connection

Write the Key Vocabulary on the board randomly for students to alphabetize.

Distribute Blackline Masters 2a and 2b. If necessary, review with students

how to fold the sheet to create a booklet. Provide more folded sheets if

necessary. Ask students to complete the first page by writing their names,

date, My Dictionary, and subject area. Have them write the words on the

remaining pages in a column. Next, ask students to use their own words to

write definitions for each word. Have them check their work by looking up

the correct definitions in their dictionaries. Explain that they should read their

definitions to their parents or guardians. Remind them to return their booklets

to school. Retain them for future use.

My Community

Unit 4


Code Writing

Ask students to brainstorm to create a

class code language. The code can consist

of letters, symbols, or pictures, or a

combination. Print a copy of the code key

for each student. Have students write notes

to each other in the class code. Students can

refer to the code key to decode the notes.

Meeting Individual Needs

You may assist students experiencing difficulty comprehending the song lyrics

by replaying the song, line by line, as you read along, enunciating each word.

Multiple Intelligences


Practice Book (page 56)




Santillana Spotlight on English3© SantillanaUSA

Jc^i )

Hedia^\]i dc 8dciZci



Match the vocabulary words in the right column to their correct deÞnitions in the left

column. Then, write the letter in the space provided.


A synonym of


, or the power to act, speak,

move around, and think without restrictions, as long

as we respect the rights of others.


An expression that may be used to refer to the

whole country.


An alert given for a possibly dangerous situation.


The risk or possibility of suffering harm or getting



To produce or bring about by repeated blows

such as those of a hammer.


A tool with a solid metal head on a handle, used for

driving nails by pounding.


The administration of rules in a fair and reasonable


a. danger

b. justice

c. hammer

d. warning

e. freedom

f. all over this land

g. hammer out


Choose three of the vocabulary items and write three sentences, using one of the

expressions in each.

Answers may vary.









For a more complete and detailed description of

these and other national and state standards as

they relate to this unit of

Spotlight on English


please visit our Web site at


Common Core State Standards

Speaking & Listening


Engage effectively in a range of

collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups,

and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 3

topics and texts, building on others’ ideas and

expressing their own clearly.


Come to discussions prepared, having

read or studied required material; explicitly draw

on that preparation and other information known

about the topic to explore ideas under discussion.


Follow agreed-upon rules for